Today presents you with new challenges that
require changing the way your business works
and VAMA will help you get through them.
Your customers

will have you

VAMA is the most complete solution to offer more and better services to your customers in large establishments with fewer staff.

Your clients can request any of your services from the comfort of their place without having to call an employee.

For large establishments as well as for staff days VAMA is the ideal solution.

We show you where

You can implement it

VAMA is the most versatile communication system that will allow different types of businesses to improve the quality of care offered and even reduce costs.


How It Works


Create QR Codes

You can create QR codes for tables, tents, rooms or wherever your customers need you.


Clients call you

The customer has just to scan the QR code with their cell specifying the desired service.


Manage the Orders

You and your employees manage the requested services dynamically.


Improve your services

You and your employees manage the requested services in a dynamic and decentralized manner.

Download our app for


The staff of your business can manage all the features of VAMA with a mobile app.


The clients can use VAMA without the app, but if they want to use advance notifications and have a better experience you most download the app.

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How it works in

Hotels and Cabins

With VAMA you will not only be able to place orders with your customers from the cell phone in rooms, but in any common area of ​​the hotel, such as the gym, restaurant or pool.

Customer calls will not only go to the reception generating a bottleneck, but according to the sector and the service type of the call, the corresponding personnel will be notified through the app for employees.

Customers will be able to subscribe to the alert system to be notified when certain services are available, when they are about to start a show or when their room is available.

How it works in

Bars and Restaurants

VAMA accelerates the attention of the tables and allows fewer employees to cover more place, since customers will not have to wait to see the employee to place their order.

Does your business work with order in the bar? Now with VAMA, customers can place your order in the bar and receive your code with which you will be notified to your cell phone when the order is ready to be removed.

In order for all your clients to have a place, VAMA allows you to put together a client reception list in which it is not necessary to wait at the door, but you can automatically notify their cell phone when their place is available.

How it works in


The spectators will not miss a goal.

Now with VAMA viewers do not need to leave their seats to ask what they want.

You can place orders from your seats by simply scanning a code in them or using a form to determine your location.

Depending on the type of order, the corresponding sales position will be notified. It is possible to configure to where the calls of the clients are sent according to the type of order and the sector where it is located, which allows a faster and more efficient attention

How it works in

Car Washes

VAMA provides you with a list of vehicle reception where you can put the data you consider relevant and assign priorities.

Once the car is entered into the system, the customer is given a code with which they can load it on their cell phone to receive notifications of the status of their vehicle.

Customers can see how much is needed for their vehicle to be finalized. Once the vehicle is ready to be delivered, the staff can notify the customer with a single button.

It is also possible to notify you in advance that in 5, 10 or 15 minutes you can already pass, or send personalized messages with additional information.

How it works in

Home Centers

The client needs qualified personnel to assist him in his purchase.

Assisting customers when they want to know in depth a product will increase sales.

VAMA gives you the necessary support so that your clients can only scan a code to call the trained personnel to provide more information.

Do not let clients lose interest in a product by going out to look for staff to assist them. With VAMA you give them the option to call immediately the corresponding personnel for the sector from which they are requesting it.

Staff is notified instantly and can see what sector is required and why product. In this way, customers will not lose interest in the products and sales will increase.

How it works in

Beach and swimming pools

On holiday or on a relaxing weekend your clients do not want to waste time looking for where to place their order.

Do not let your clients lose a minute of sun and relaxation to walk long distances and make a purchase.

VAMA allows them from the comfort of their location to place orders, and see the status of them. Depending on the type of order and where it was made, the corresponding personnel will be notified to attend them.

If events are held in the complex you can notify your interested clients when it is about to start with group alerts.

How it works in

Hairdressers and barbershops

Organize clients in order of arrival and priority.

Clients can check how many people they have ahead of them.

When a client's turn approaches, you can notify them so they can approach the establishment.

Ask about other features in large hairdressers.